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2020 has been a year filled with transitions and changes for everyone. Yet together, we remain resilient, finding the silver linings in times of challenges. However, to spark change for tomorrow, we still need your help to build strength and resilience today.

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Transitioning Programs Online

With the closure of all schools extending through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, supporting continued learning and growth was more important than ever. Within 2 weeks, we were able to set up online tutoring, and all other programming was also transitioned to virtual settings. Because CPS e-learning was limited, we expanded tutoring to include one-on-one and small group tutoring and enrichment classes. We also finished leadership and college readiness programming remotely.

Virtual programming continued into the summer, including virtual summer camp, remote SAT prep classes, and one on one tutoring.

We began the 2020-2021 school year with a hybrid model – allowing about 20% capacity in-person (at the Center), prioritizing the highest need students (youngest students, ELLs, and academic at-risk students). No programs are taking place at the schools due to closures. However, with a rise in cases, we returned to 100% remote programming again in early November. As of this update, we are currently running our full range of programs virtually.

Census 2020

Census 2020 is extremely important for this community, as getting an accurate count helps us get the federal resources we need for public services. Although in-person assistance is not possible, PV staff have helped more than 30 families complete the census through Zoom “office hours.”

In addition to PV staff helping families fill out the census, our parents and students have also been active in engaging their community. Thanks to the support from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, PV was able to provide internships to 2 PV students this summer to help with census outreach efforts!

Read more about PV’s Census 2020 outreach: Census 2020

Read Darwin’s Story.

Staying Connected

Social isolation and sense of uncertainty can create a lot of stress and anxieties for teens during this time. To ensure that we take care of the emotional and mental health of our students, PV continues to look for creative ways to help them stay connected with their friends, peers, mentors, tutors, and our staff. In addition to checking in on students regularly, we’ve created safe online spaces where students can continue to socialize, support each other, and discuss things that are bothering them like the uncertainty of the future, stresses of e-learning, or even the fear and anxiety around being Asian American during this time when xenophobia is on the rise. 

Leadership Programs

Staying engaged in their communities and staying focused on the future are positive ways to help youth maintain a sense of purpose. Early exposure to community service not only boosts youths’ confidence and teaches responsibility, but it also encourages a lasting service ethic that helps youth grow into active community members later in life.

In 2019,  170+ youths collectively spent almost 3,000 hours completing service-learning and leadership projects. These programs aim to empower youth to make positive personal choices as well as become positive role models for their peers. PV also believes that the skills youth learn here should translate to career readiness and personal leadership, where youth take control and responsibility for their own futures.

Project: Watch Out World (WOW) is a career readiness program, which gives youth the opportunity to explore various careers and connect with professionals in a variety of fields. Students participate in professional development workshops led by adult mentors and have an opportunity to compete for paid summer internships. In last year’s professional development programs, six youth received internships at various workplaces including Exelon corporate headquarters, United Way, and other community agencies and small businesses, gaining more than 1000 hours of work experience.

The Solidarity Project

In response to civil unrest and racial justice demonstrations, we are working with CBCAC and PMP parents to educated parents about forms of racism and discrimination in our communities. The workshops are focusing not just on discrimination against Chinese immigrants themselves, but also on how our own community’s anti-Blackness is harmful and wrong. Our goal is to help parents understand the importance of working with other communities of color and how to raise their own children in a diverse environment.




PV has helped me a lot, especially now during the pandemic, with online learning. Online tutoring is very different from in-person tutoring. We got to talk to the tutors in person, but now, the tutors have to find different ways to help us like providing digital copies for enrichment. Even online, my tutors are nice and supportive, and they are still able to help me with homework by showing me lots of examples on the whiteboard or shared screen so that I understand my work.”

Alice, Grade 9


We had a great turnout for our middle school game night! In lieu of our normal enrichment session, we organized an Among Us night to help students unwind with each other at the end of Quarter 1. The students enjoyed guessing the imposters or rushing to finish their own tasks as crewmates.

“I liked the ‘Among Us’ game night because it was fun! I also liked that I can interact with people while playing the game. What I liked most was that we could still play games safely with other people during quarantine because I haven’t done that in a while because we are all at home.”


“Thanks to the rent assistance provided to my family, we got relief that helped lessen the stress caused by the pandemic. We also worried less about essentials such as food and clothing. I feel like I have personally had more time to focus on school and be more productive.”

Kenneth, Grade 9



“The Census Internship was a program I wasn’t so sure about when I first signed up, but it was one of the best choices I’ve made. I usually don’t do much in the summer, so this was a first for me, having something to work towards. The Census Internship allowed me the freedom to use creativity to educate people about the Census. Whether it was through social media, events, flyers, or other means, there were always many ways to reach our outreach goal. Though the internship was remote this year, the premise was the same, and I still tried to do my job as best as I could. I learned way more about the Census than I ever knew before. I learned the reasons why it is so vital, the benefits it gives to our communities, and the different ways you can fill out the Census.

I experienced what it was like to organize an event for people to come to. I improved on my time management, organization, and creativity skills. Looking back at this internship as a whole, I really learned how to manage my time effectively thanks to this experience. I learned more about myself as a person and was able to educate others about the Census in a way I never thought possible before.



Darwin, Young Positive Agents of Change
Census Intern

Our Mission & Vision

Help each youth reach their full potential

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. In the PV community, we’re working together to demonstrate resilience in challenging times.  We’re focused on continuing to meet the needs of our families, identifying opportunities to work together with other organizations,  fundamentally re-thinking our overall strategy, innovating and re-designing programming in response to emerging needs, and improving processes to make our services even more accessible to youth and families in the new digital environment — now, and for years to come.

Most importantly, we’re finding the time to celebrate resilience and achievements despite the challenges.

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