ACT/SAT Crash Course!

March 2018

16 high school upperclassmen are getting a head start to SAT/ACT test preparation by participating in an 8-week ACT Crash Course and a 15-week SAT Prep Class offered by PV’s series of college-readiness workshops. PV has offered SAT/ACT prep classes since its inception and continues to provide help to any student who chooses to participate in these classes. Students recently wrapped up the SAT prep classes and started the ACT Crash Course where they learn the test-taking skills and strategies necessary to help boost their overall score.

Each session, students review a specific section of the ACT/SAT test and take practice exams to review and evaluate their progress. In this past ACT prep session, Program Coordinator Emmanuel focused on the reading portion of the test. He demonstrated different question types, what the question is asking for, and helped students decide which method works best for them.

PV’s ACT/SAT prep classes goal is to increase each student’s average score by two points respectively, as two points can make the difference between a good school and a great school. We want to provide our students with as many resources and opportunities as possible to improve.

Despite the increasing question of the efficacy of standardized testing, Emmanuel still believes that continuing the ACT/SAT prep programs is important for improvement to happen. There might be issues with the standardized testing itself, but PV students and community youth like our students must continue to work hard to open doors for their futures. We work hard to understand the whole process and give as much attention to the testing-taking as we do to personal statements and other supplementary material. We want to help each student grow in character and leadership as well as academic standing. That is what is amazing about our students; they are always looking for ways to become better. We owe it to them to provide as many resources as we can.