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. . .  Being a student at Project: VISION has shaped me into the person I am today. Without the support from many tutors, I would not be within the top 5% of my class. Due to the support I have received from Project: VISION, I have been inspired to continue to help others. There are many ways in which I can help people, but one of my main goals in life is to become a teacher . . .

I have been in PV since 6th grade and I have learned a lot in the process. This year I’m a freshman and it’s going to be much harder than last year, because middle school is much easier than high school. PV has so far helped me with homework, helped me improve my studying and life skills that I know will help me in the future. The tutors here are very experienced and some tutors even went to the same high school that I currently go to. I made friends here and have a sense of what my future may look like by talking with PV tutors and mentors who work here.


I’ve been a student at Project: VISION since 7th grade. When my mom first told me that she had signed me up for this program I really did not want to go because I thought it’d be a waste of time. After coming for a whole year I realized how much it helped me. Not only did PV help me improve my academics, but also my collaboration skills with other people. After seeing the benefits of being a part of this program, I decided to keep coming back. Now I’m a freshmen at Back of the Yards College prep. I am motivated to finish my homework and my grades improved drastically. Not only that, PV has also encouraged me to think more about my community and my commitment to help improve the community. My advice I would give to incoming students in the new year… they should take advantage of the service opportunities PV provides because it can really help you improve your collaboration and communication skills.


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