Dear Friends,

We hope you and your loved ones are in good health and staying safe during this global pandemic. As we navigate this crisis together, Project: VISION remains committed to our mission to help all youth reach their full potentials. Every day, we are learning about emerging needs and leaning in to the programs that help our 270 middle school and high school youth continue to learn, support their social and emotional needs, and maintain a sense of community and connectedness to their peers, tutors, and mentors. Thanks to our dedicated staff, who continue to work remotely full-time, these goals are still achievable, as we successfully transition all of our programs on to online platforms.

With CPS staying closed for the rest of the school year and schools utilizing e-learning to deliver lessons, it is more important than ever that we support our youth academically. We are now able to provide daily online tutoring and academic enrichment and continue to help ensure that students keep building on the knowledge and skills they will need for the next grade level, and ultimately, college.

While sheltering in place is the safest thing to do at this time, the social isolation can also be challenging for youth. This is where we need to stay connected with youth in order to support them socially and emotionally. Online leadership training, college prep, and professional development workshops now become opportunities for staff to check in on the well-being of youth and to help peers stay in touch in addition to helping them build essential 21st century skills.

We are also pivoting where we need to in order to address the broader needs of youth and their families. With the help of fellow social service organizations in the community, we are doing what we can to help families fulfill basic needs like housing, apply for public benefits and unemployment, and access technology.

Although there is still much uncertainty about what the future holds, we are hopeful that the recovery will come soon and certain that we will come out stronger as an organization and as a community. We are encouraged by the dedication of our staff and the steadfast support of our donors and partners. We look forward to working with our youth and community in person again soon! Until then, we wish you and your loved ones good health and safety!


The Project: VISION Team


If you have the capacity to make a financial gift at this time, please consider contributing to the Project: VISION COVID-19 Relief Fund. Your support is needed more than ever now to ensure that we can continue serving our youth and their families, while taking care of our staff who have been working so hard to adapt our work to meet the emerging needs of the community.