November 2017

We are excited to report the relaunch of HAPPY or Health Awareness Prevention & Promotion by Youth. It is a leadership program that focuses on health and medical sciences. Project: VISION is working with medical students from the University of Chicago and Loyola University to help our high school students gain professional skills as well as promote their interest in medicine and connect their knowledge to their own health. HAPPY is lead by Program Coordinator Faith Hong who explains the goals of our redesigned program.

“HAPPY is divided into two parts, the development of goals and professional skills like networking and communication, and the other part being health. We wanted to create a more engaging and hands-on program that would allow students to learn practical skills, for example, how to take blood pressure, administering CPR, and discussing the current issues around health that affect our community. With all this information, we connect it back to a part of the body to further solidify their understanding. We want to send our students out with the knowledge that helps keep themselves healthy as well as their families, and their communities”.

HAPPY hopes to cultivate awareness of public health and emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ms. Hong is optimistic and can foresee our students developing their knowledge and becoming advocates of public health themselves in the clubs at school. HAPPY is looking for opportunities for our students to further connect by visiting medical facilities and talking to medical professionals. If you are interested, contact Ms. Hong at faith@fascinated-tank.flywheelsites.com.