Judy E.

“As a child of immigrant parents, who work long hours and struggle with the language barrier, I was often not able to find the guidance and learning opportunities I needed. I joined Project: VISION during my sophomore year in hopes that PV’s High School Scholars Program could help fill in some of these gaps and help me reach my goals.

I benefitted from PV’s academic support programs such as tutoring, test prep, and I also received help with my college applications. But the programs that really made a difference for me were the service and leadership opportunities that helped me discover my interests and build on my strengths. I eventually began volunteering in the community on my own, far exceeding the hours required for the program. Also, through mentoring and summer internships I received through the program, I gained a lot of confidence and learned many professional skills that I have used in college and the workplace.

I have since graduated from PV’s program, and I am currently attending DePaul University, where I am studying management information systems and communications. I continue to stay active in my community, and I have even served as the Service Chair of DePaul’s Student Body Government. I hope to one day be in the position to help impact and inspire more youths in my community to succeed!

Judy’s story highlights the unique challenges that many of PV’s students face as children of immigrants while working toward becoming first generation college students. Our staff and programs aim to fill in gaps where parents sometimes are unable to provide the guidance and support youth need to succeed.