March 2018

KEY (Keen Enterprising Youth) continues to build on the knowledge of our students by teaching entrepreneurial skills and strategies which then can be applied to wide range of future careers!

In this week’s session, the students learned about marketing strategies, its impact on individual choice, and developed a business plan together using what they learned.

Their first activity included evaluating the effectiveness of many mainstream logos by analyzing the emotions and associations it created. They compared similar products with different branding and determined what made them so different. When comparing Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs, two ice cream brands, students looked at the colors, fonts, descriptions, and visuals used. KEY students were able to grasp the importance of branding and how the strategy behind the brand can determine the targeted audience and the resulting success a product can achieve.

Next, the students went over the basics of marketing or the four P’s: price, product, promotion, and place. They applied their knowledge to integrate these strategies into the group’s overall business plan. KEY students decided to sell hooded sweatshirts of their own design. With each group assigned a different department (executive, designing, accounting, marketing, and human resources) of a business, everyone will work together to produce a successful product.

Our high school seniors are most excited about this venture. Many of them want to go on to college to study business and for the rest, this is a chance to explore the different career paths and open their imagination to their potentials.