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Project: VISION’s mission is to help youth of Chicago’s Chinatown, Bridgeport, and surrounding communities achieve their full potentials by providing them with tools for educational, personal, and civic development.

Our overall goals include:

Helping youth overcome barriers to success and gain equal access to education and ultimately career opportunities.

Equipping youth with skills, confidence, and sense of social responsibility that empowers them to give back to the community and become future leaders.

Providing a safe space where community youth can come together to support each other and share in common identities and experiences.

Advocating for access to resources and opportunities our youth need to succeed.

Our Challenge

Our community is all too often overlooked as among the most underserved neighborhoods in Chicago due in part to the “model minority” stereotype. In reality, many of our youths, like those in many other Chicago neighborhoods, face barriers to succeeding in school and beyond:


are from lower-income families


are from first-generation immigrant families


would be first-generation college students

We know under-resourced youths face many challenges and are more vulnerable, often less likely to graduate high school and college. They are less college and workplace ready and therefore have limited career prospects. Project: VISION‘s programs aim to help level the playing field for all youth aspiring to reach their goals.

Our Approach

Project: VISION takes a holistic approach to youth development. Our programs help youth achieve academic success, develop personal strengths and skills, and build positive attitudes and confidence, preparing them to become well-rounded, socially responsible community leaders. Three core program areas aim to help our youth LEARN, encourage them to SERVE, and finally LEAD.


Support academic success by helping youth develop effective study skills and a love for learning through tutoring, enrichment, and college readiness activities.


Foster a sense of community and social responsibility by encouraging community engagement and providing opportunities for meaningful service learning.


Build character, confidence, positive attitudes, and leadership skills that empower youth to be positive examples for their peers, an asset to the community, and ready for the workplace.

Our Impact

In 2003, a group of young professionals, students, and community volunteers saw a need for community youth to have a space to call their own. Project: VISION was brought to life by the group’s collective goals to provide youth with positive role models and positive activities that build a foundation for youth to reach their full potentials. Since then, Project: VISION has reached over 1,000 youth with its free after school programs. Last year, we served over 300 youth, providing over 37,000 hours of service and helping them succeed:


  • 100%

    Graduate high school on time
  • 100%

    Are accepted into college
  • 90%

    engaged their community through service and leadership projects
  • 7,705

    hours working on skills to be the types of leaders they aspire to be


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