Project: VISION offers two different test prep classes to help 7th and 8th grade students prepare for the NWEA MAP exam and Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam.


In this NWEA test preparation course we will cover material in both mathematics and reading as well as basic test taking strategies. The start of the course will be spent ensuring that students are on grade level for the seventh grade NWEA exam. As the course progresses we will also cover some eighth and ninth grade material as the exam is adaptive and will increase in difficulty if the student is answering questions correctly. All of our material is developed based on Common Core standards that the Official NWEA Board releases.



The price of the course includes a 150+ page manual with classwork as well as take home practice problems that are to be completed weekly. The course itself is eight weeks long, two hours each session as well as a pre test the week before the class begins and a post test which occurs the week after the course is over.