November 2017

Young Diverse Leaders of Chicago, or YDLC, kicked off last month with an introduction between our students and the professionals mentoring our students! YDLC is a new program done in collaboration with the Chinese Mutual Aid Association which aims to promote the ideas of servant leadership as well as discuss topics of identity, diversity, community, and growth. As a holistic approach to understanding and creating a concept of their future career goals, the students get a chance to work together with people in various backgrounds of study to discuss their journey’s, examine their possibilities, and connect to people in the industry that they can relate to.

Every session includes opportunities to develop many soft skills such as, communication, accountability, collaboration, and responsibility that are vital tools for success in any leadership position. As mentioned before, their first session centered around the idea of community, what that means to them and how the skills they possess can be grown to be advantageous now and in the future. The next session will be on identity, who they are and what can they be. The students will work on personal development and how they can build off of each other. Future sessions will focus on growth and power. Dennis Ho, who leads the program, says he is “excited to see the impact it will have on the students and the community”.

 We are grateful to work with the Chinese Mutual Aid Association to support the next wave of Asian American (and other minority) leaders. Thank you for CMAA for hosting this first session and connecting many of the professionals that will mentor our students. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a mentor or hosting a session, contact Mr. Ho at