Sheen Hun C.

“Loneliness was my only friend for a very long time. It kept me company and I embraced it because it was familiar and comfortable. Growing out of my shell took a lot of personal reflection to start, but what really motivated me to change, I feel, was my experience with Project: VISION. It was this experience that had one of the greatest influences on the way I think. I am grateful for PV, its services and opportunities, and its tutors especially, for how it has shaped my life.

For me, PV has always been defined by its tutors. They are as open and diverse as the center itself. Although it has been six eventful years since those first days, there are tutors who stand out to me in my mind. Each has inspired me, motivated me, given me focus. There are too many to list and thank, but Eli, Florence, Kim, Blanca, Dennis: I appreciate your work. I want to thank you for the discussions, the help, the laughter, and all of those little things that I can’t describe. Those meant a lot to me. Without them I wouldn’t have realized my passions for reading, writing, or speaking. I would not have the drive and direction that I see in my life now.

Seeing the growth of PV has led me to reflect on my own growth. The PV of my earliest memory was small, cluttered, tucked away in the corner. Now it supports hundreds of students and provides them with opportunities that aren’t available elsewhere. I am proud to have been a part of that growth. I feel pride in my own growth. Now, I am preparing for college and for the rest of my life. I know now that PV has been one of my greatest assets in preparing for my future. At the time of writing, there are six long months to senior year, but I feel ready.”


Sheen Hun’s story illustrates the importance of the personal growth aspects of youth development. For Sheen Hun, mentorship was critical to helping him develop confidence and build on his strengths and interests.